Top 10 Animes Like Noragami

You will see times where you might happen across an peculiar contact number written in red. In the event that you call it, you’ll get touching a man who presents himself as the Yato God. This Yato God is a deity and the self-proclaimed God of Delivery. He dreams of experiencing an incredible number of worshippers, but there isn’t any single shrine focused on his name. He spends his time doing strange jobs for extra yen before day his weaponry spouse deserts him. Equally things want down, he happens across a school female that helps you to save him from a vehicle accident by firmly taking the strike for him. She survives, but her heart and soul becomes loose. Jointly they attempt to discover a way to tighten up her soul regress to something easier.

Noragami was one particular shows you grab and should never be quite sure the way it will go initially. However, it pulls off its varying elements masterfully, in case you are interested in anime suggestions to displace Noragami in your center, search no further.

Beyond the Boundarybeyond the boundary anime

As the previous surviving person in her clan of soul warriors, Mirai Kuriyama must use her special electricity of struggling with using her bloodstream to be able to subdue Youmu, animals that will be the manifestation of negative individuals emotions. 1 day at university she happens across Akihito, a uncommon halfbreed Youmu in real human form. Immediately looking to destroy him, she realizes he’s an immortal being and both punch up an impromptu a friendly relationship.

To begin with, both Noragami and Beyond the Boundary are much better than you’d think they might be. Both find ways to amuse you in its testimonies and its people and each storyline converts just dark enough to keep things interesting. There is also the apparent commonalities of humans and supernatural being getting together with one another. Beyond the Boundary also offers some beautiful computer animation as well, which really is a selling point alone.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Yusuke Urameshi is your average thug, but 1 day, he sees a youngster going to get struck by an automobile and will save you him. Unfortunately, the automobile eliminates him instead. Impressed by his heroic deed, the afterlife offers him another shot at life, but only when he becomes a Nature Detective and retains all the demons and other supernatural beings from destroying the real human world.

Although old, Yu Yu Hakusho actually features the same little bit of atmosphere as Noragami. Although you are not coping with a god, you are interacting with a man that eventually ends up getting intertwined with a generally unseen world packed with God-like beings.

Blood Lad

Staz Charlie Bloodstream is a robust vampire that guidelines the Eastern portion of the Demon World. While rumor will let you know he’s blood-thirsty and vicious, the truth is, he is merely a huge otaku. While his underlings take care of his world, he spends his times mired in anime and manga. However, whenever a Japanese girl inadvertently wanders into his world, Staz is excited, and then be heartbroken by her untimely fatality. Now Staz vows to resurrect her, but probably since it means he reaches go directly to the human world.

Weirdly enough, Bloodstream Lad and Noragami almost have the same preliminary account. They both feature tired, frustrated supernatural beings that conclude having their fates intertwined with a individuals girl and set off on a pursuit to in some way save her. However, they take greatly different routes as the shows continue on with Noragami obtaining a little serious and Blood vessels Lad still being ridiculous and stylish.


Ryugamine Mikado is a youngster who would like the busyness of a huge city for himself. When his good friend invites him to Tokyo, he occupies the offer and exchanges to a college in Ikebukuro. Mikado is warned of certain elements in a nearby never to get confusing in. However, on his first day he witnesses the ‘Headless Rider’ using a black motor bike, area of the areas local, metropolitan folklore. Following this, increasingly more supernatural happenings come to move and a nearby may be considered a bit more than Mikado bargained for.

Durarara!! Collections a standard for urban illusion, which is the same genre that Noragami comes into. DR!! Is kind of an clusterf*** in the best use of the expression. It’s out there, and lots of how are you affected the show is very out there. A lot of the solid is pretty unusual as well. Thus giving DR!! an extremely unique feel, style and make it one of the most memorable activities in anime lately. Noragami gets the same kind of feel, if a lttle bit more muted and mellow.

Kekkai Sensen (Bloodstream Blockade Battlefront)

Kekkai Sensen is the storyplot of Leonardo Watch and the group that he joins called LIBRA, which monitors crime of the supernatural dynamics in Hellsalems great deal, which is Manhattan after having a otherworldly portal exposed in metropolis boundaries. Leonardo becomes associated with a woman, Mary Macbeth, called ‘White’, and her sibling, William, called ‘Dark colored.’ Leonardo and White become nearer, but African american may involve some ulterior motives for him as he moves along…

Kekkai Sensen is another action-comedy Shounen series occur an metropolitan environment. Both are cartoon by studio bone fragments and also have a whole lot of great visuals. Kekkai Sensen could very well be just a bit more up-tempo in conditions of display and style, it includes a far more frenetic feel to it. It is also far more episodic of your format than Noragami, but it still has a central story that ferments in the backdrop.

If you’re buying somewhat different flavored version of Noragami, be certain to look at Kekkai Sensen.

Soul Eater

Heart Eater is the storyline of in the is defined in the Shinigami university for Tool Meisters. The series revolves around 3 pairs, Maka and Heart Eaters, Black Legend and Tsubaki and lastly, Death a child with Patty and Liz Thompson. The meisters and their weaponry must acquire the souls of 99 wicked humans and 1 witch to be able to attain the highest ranking as a tool.

Heart Eater and Noragami are both officially Shounen series but Heart Eater is, in lots of ways a lighter, more Shounen-y version of Noragami. Both are series where gods connect to real life, and possess characters who convert into weapons and also have key relationships with the wielders. Noragami could just be a bit more about the type relationships and dilemma than Heart Eater, which is more about Shounen esque deal with scenes.

If you want a tale like Noragami but a lighter shade and feel, this is an excellent bet.

Kamisama Kisskamisama

Homeless and with debt, high schooler Nanami Momozono considers things want up when she rescues a guy and he offers to let her stay at his home. She soon discovers that his home is a rundown shrine. Seeking to leave, she actually is mistaken for the person she preserved – the person that is also the land god of the shrine, Mikage. Learning she was tricked into being truly a god rather than attempting to be homeless, Nanami will try to adopt her new divine tasks, but must offer with a hot-headed fox familiar to keep things running well.

While Noragami only has some little touches of love, Kamisama Kiss runs the excess mile to be always a romantic funny anime series. However, much like any relationship series, you get the overall silliness in both Noragami and Kamisama Kiss.

Red Data Girl

red data girl

Izumiko Suzuhara just needs to be always a normal woman, but that won’t happen. She grew up in a shrine profound in the woods because she actually is in reality the vessel of any Goddess. Even something as easy as chopping her locks is a great shock to her protectors. However, even this painfully timid living shrine can make a chance at changing her life, but it could put everyone in peril.


Both Noragami and Red Data Female package with deities, however, it is extremely self-explanatory and outright in Noragami, although it is infrequent and through ownership in RDG. However, while Noragami is fun with it small rounds of seriousness, Red Data Gal is the entire other way around.

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul is a dark themed, powerful action filled anime with a internal twist.In a global there is absolutely no mankind, ghouls face the task of co-existing with humans, but that isn’t even the funny part. The funny thing here’s that,the thing ghouls can take in other than espresso is real human flesh.

How could it be very much like Noragami?

That is an strange addition to the list, but listen to me out before you frown.In Tokyo ghoul, the business lead kaneki-ken has two factors. One his human being part, the other ghoul part. He can’t depart one and it is obligated to live with two personalities. Precisely the same can be said for Yato as well, despite being truly a god he previously a dark aspect which wasn’t discovered before end of second season.

Natsume Yuujinchou

natsume anime

While most males, harbor secrets that are related to ladies, Natsume has a intimidating secret affecting phantoms. For so long as he can bear in mind, he has been haunted by these spirits.

Natsume soon discovers that his grandmother possessed offered to him the Yuujinchou, which provides the name of spirits whom she defeated. Natsume has similar power like his grandma. But with vitality comes threat, and his only associate is Madara, another heart captured by his grandma.

How could it be just like Noragami?

Exactly like Noragami, Natsume Yuujinchou has whole lot of Japanese mythology including spirits. Also, both Madara and Yukine are spirits who protect their experts. From the light hearted anime. If you want the sound of this, then you’ll think it’s great for sure.


Mushishi is fairly very much like Noragami in the supernatural aspect aside from the fact that we now have no very villain fights. Exactly like ayakashi, there are animals called that are invisible to many people. They cause problems for humans, exactly like ayakashi! That’s when Ginko steps directly into protect those afflicted from mushi.

How could it be just like Noragami?

Everything, from the supernatural aspect to the mushi, the central theme of the anime generally is dito. Also, Ginko is rather very much like Yato in the framework that he’s a wandering god.


Guys, that’s it for this article, we gave you our list of best animes like Noragami, now, if you have any recommendations for us or ideas for new articles, let us know down in the comments!